continuous professional development

التّطوير المهنيّ المستمرّ
children in front of school tent

It’s all about the educators !

The role of the educator is continuously evolving as collaborators, facilitators of learning, and lifelong learners.

In addition to subject-specific knowledge, educators nowadays are expected to promote vital skills such as in-depth thinking, persistence, resilience, decision making, and problem solving amongst their learners.

Teachers are expected to promote positive growth mindset, guide their students and instil in them a sense of personal responsibility, self-esteem, and integrity.

Furthermore, teachers are prompted to design learning engagements and deliver experiences which are relevant and meaningful, encourage active international citizenship, and create an environment conducive to reflective thinking.

To be effective, teachers need the tools to plan, reflect, and forever revise. They need good interpersonal skills to interact positively with students and guardians. Management skills, problem-solving skills, and organisational skills are also important attributes for guiding students.

To succeed, teachers need to continuously develop their repertoire of skills, pedagogy, and knowledge.

One of the biggest challenges facing teachers in the Arab world is the lack of advanced and continuous professional teacher training programmes in Arabic.

Partnering with Ibn Rushd Centre for Continuous Professional Development, INTKC offers a range of non-curriculum specific, modular courses in Arabic as part of its teacher professional development programme.

Employing international and well proven teacher training strategies, these tried and tested innovative short courses equip educators with a repertoire of skills, strategies, and basic competencies. They ultimately aim to support learning by modernising the instructional process and learning environment.

Please contact us if you would like to register your interest to attend our short courses next time we are in your area, or require further information.

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