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دعم المبادرات الوطنيّة لتطوير التّعليم ...

supporting formal and informal national education reform ...

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Interactive Knowledge Centre (INTKC) is an educational research centre promoting an engaging, enjoyable, and enriching approach to Arabic-medium learning.

Working with schools and educational authorities, INTKC facilitates educational excellence through programmes which support educational reform, promote curriculum development, and enhance instructional strategies.

INTKC's initiatives focus on early childhood development; emergent literacy through its unique curriculum-enrichment Arabic literacy programmes, Discover the Fun of Phonics, Reading, and Writing; bespoke, in-service continuous professional development for teachers and administrators; special education and learning difficulties; community outreach campaigns; and bilingual library collection development.

INTKC products and services are developed by practicing educators for teachers. They are extensively trialled and rigorously tested within various educational settings prior to release. INTKC programmes model best practice-informed pedagogy, resources, and continuous professional development, in order to impact learning where it matters most; each child. INTKC operates Ibn Rushd National Academy, an educational laboratory pioneering differentiated, inquiry-based, conceptual, and student-led learning & teaching in Arabic.

INTKC supports Ministries of Education and local education authorities in the Arab region with their education reform initiatives, as well as work with local, regional, and international organisations in the Arab world to support literacy development, such as: