balanced literacy | a differentiated approach

برنامج القراءة المتوازن | عبر التّمايز
children in front of school tent عن البرنامج باللّغة العربيّة

Discover the Fun of Phonics is a unique Arabic balanced literacy programme, combining specific decodable phonics acquisition within a whole language literacy instructional model.

Embedded instruction combines letter-sound knowledge with the use of meaningful context to read new and difficult words. The system addresses phonics skills such as Arabic phonemes, sound articulation, rhyming, segmentation, and sound blending.

Teachers provide this knowledge opportunistically, in the context of levelled, real-life, phonics-based readers to facilitate the acquisition and development of emergent reading strategies and skills.

Novice readers learn about individual letters in words, including consonants, short and long vowels. Differentiated readers, organised within 4 distinct levels, feature all possible phonemic and phonological combinations of the targeted letter, along with the various letter shapes: separate and connected; at the beginning, middle, and end of the word.

DFP consists of four differentiated reading levels; levelled readers addressing identical set of core skills across the four levels. Each level includes 28 letter-based-readers presented in attractive children literature.

DFP readers present the same core skills but within different contexts and at different reading levels, with appropriate challenge and support. Despite the varying level, readers will be encouraged to develop the same set of core skills for each letter sound, whichever level the child manages to read.

Each reading level includes one decodable reader for each of the 28 Arabic letters, a total of 28 decodable readers per level.

This blended programme includes both print and digital resources consisting of readers, workbooks, and interactive games.

This programme targets emergent learners as well as offers support to children with learning difficulties.