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منصّة الألعاب التّفاعليّة | تكييف التّعلّم بذكاء
children in front of school tent عن منصّة "أنا ألعب العربيّة" باللّغة العربيّة

“I Play Arabic” is an online Arabic learning portal. It comprises several games which address basic language skills starting from the alphabet all the way to independent reading.

“I Play Arabic” focuses on letter pronunciation, letter-sound recognition, and vocabulary building.

The games employ artificial intelligence to drive learning, focusing on skills which the player has yet to master.

There are 7 interactive games which are: Letter sound and shape, Phonemic awareness, Vocabulary builder, Missing Letters, Word builder, Phonetic awareness, and I read.

The portal offers both play and test mode, with detailed reporting to inform teaching and guide further learning.