creative writing | an inquiry approach

الكتابة الإبداعيّة | عبر التّقصّي
arabic alphabet عن البرنامج باللّغة العربيّة

Discover the Fun of Writing employs an innovative, blended, constructivist, conceptual, and learner-centred approach to Arabic letter recognition and word formation.

The programme is a culmination of several years of research combining brain functionality, early childhood language development, multi-sensory stimulation, and Arabic calligraphy.

This play-based exploration encourages creativity, problem solving, tactile sensory stimulation, visual-motor integration, visual discrimination, sequencing, and matching.

Level 1 puzzle consists of 21 jigsaw pieces. Children discover for themselves the 28 Arabic alphabet from a set of 17 common shapes, through the concepts of form, connections, and change.

Level 2 puzzle consists of 109 jigsaw pieces. Once children are familiar with the Arabic Alphabet in its disconnected shape, they start combining more pieces to form familiar words. In doing so, they discover the various shapes of the same letter, connected and separate, at the beginning, middle, and end of the word.

Children develop their handwriting skills through the interaction with the puzzle pieces, thus familiarise themselves with the relative dimensions of the various components of the Arabic Alphabet.

This blended programme includes both tactile and digital resources consisting of alphabet jigsaw, handwriting workbooks, and interactive games.

This programme targets emergent learners as well as offers support to children with learning difficulties.