guided reading | a levelled approach

برنامج القراءة الموجّهة | عبر التّدرّج
children in front of school tent عن البرنامج باللّغة العربيّة

Discover the Fun of Reading is an award-winning, teacher-created, levelled Arabic literacy scheme.

Children will be able to develop phonological awareness and proficiency using the differentiated decodable readers from Discover the Fun of Phonics, and then apply these skills to further develop their reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension using Discover the Fun of Reading.

Once children become proficient at decoding and able to identify letters, letter patterns, and isolated words accurately and quickly, DFR readers provide emergent readers an opportunity to further develop word recognition, fluency, and automaticity, within the context of an engaging, enchanting, and authentic children fiction, ultimately contributing towards improving reading comprehension.

The programme contains 4 levels. Level 1 consists of wordless picture books. Level 2 includes one word per page all the way to 4-word sentences with repetitive text. Level 3 consists of 2 sentences every other page, featuring repetitive text. Level 4 readers contain 4-6 sentences per double page spread, with repetitive text and a more complex plot and sentence structure.

Level 2, 3, and 4 readers offer a repetitive sentence structure pattern to encourage faster word recognition leading to improved reading automaticity and fluency. Furthermore, large illustrations provide cues and clues to support inference, prediction, and reading comprehension.

The scheme includes photocopiable masters, teacher guides, as well as big books for shared reading and storytelling sessions.